Events Coming Up

What kind of economic future do we want for Yorkshire?

Our next free online event is on Wednesday 3 August, starting at 6.30pm.    

Our panel of guests speakers will be leading a discussion on ways in which we can create an economy that cares for both the human spirit and our planet earth, with the well-being and happiness of all Yorkshire’s citizens at the forefront.

The Panel will consist of Mark Davis – Professor of Economic Sociology at Leeds University; Simon Biltcliffe - founder & CEO of Webmart Ltd; Tiffany Holloman – co-director of the well-respected Same Skies Think Tank, and Ed Straw – author and visiting research fellow on systems thinking at the Open University

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Our other free online events coming up: 

  • Cooperative Solutions to reversing Yorkshire's decline (Wednesday 9 November) 

  • An Innovative Yorkshire (Wednesday 8 February 2023) 

  • International Women's Day Special (Wednesday 8 March) 

  • Growing Individual's Potential (Wednesday 3 May)

  • Pride Special (Wednesday 14 June)  

  • Connecting Yorkshire (Wednesday 2 August)