Published on 27 July 2022 at 16:41

The role of public representatives should be representing the publics needs and aspirations and not that of their own political ideology and prejudice. But that is not all, public representatives will also be responsible for the delivery. A function previously allocated to the civil service.  We need capable representatives with the knowledge, experience, and temperament to get things done.

In the private sector people are successfully employed and expected to perform their duties according to the agreed job description and personnel specification for the position they hold.  They undergo personal development and training to help up their game.  All in the interests of an effective and efficient organisation, capable of doing what is promised. 

Ultimately, should an individual fail to deliver, they are sacked and replaced.

We cannot afford to leave the effectiveness or efficiency of our public representatives to chance but instead should apply the same disciplines as found in the private sector, if we want a good job done. 

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