Published on 27 July 2022 at 16:27

For any organisation, it is through feedback that they are able to find out how well that they are doing, if things are working or not and the level of customer satisfaction with their business.

Feedback enables them to put things right and to improve generally.

It makes sound business sense to both seek and act on feedback.

Feedback can come in many forms, through the complaints procedure, surveys, data collection or small focus groups for a few examples.  Whatever method is most appropriate for that organisation and convenient for its customers.  

Feedback is just as important to government and public sector organisations as it is to the private sector.

The right to give feedback and to receive a response in return on what has happened as a result should be seen as an important citizen’s right.

The Executive will also be required to give regular feedback on how well, or not so well it is doing in achieving its vision and the key objectives set out above.

Here we will consider the different options for obtaining and recording feedback, then what is done with it once received including the appropriate response mechanisms.

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