Published on 27 July 2022 at 14:02

It is important that we make sure any decisions or changes are both effectively and efficiently delivered on the ground.  By effectively we mean that they have the desired positive impact.  By efficiently we mean conducted in ways that provide value for money, without waste or pollution and are of a consistent high standard.  

Government policies, projects, new laws, rules, and regulations are currently often left hung in the air.

Good governance is about delivering a better future for our citizens, delivering on any projects, new laws, rules, or regulations that are made.  Monitoring their usefulness and being prepared to abandon them should they fail or have the desired impact and being prepared to try something else.

The responsibility for delivery has to date largely been left in the hands of the permanent civil service, most often with poor results.  

This must change, we are proposing that in future such responsibility should rest directly with the Executive, who will employ his/her own team of go-getters just as the CEO of a successful company would do.  

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