Published on 27 July 2022 at 09:25

A vision can simply be defined as a mental image of the future, albeit its full realisation may potentially a long way off, it represents the pinnacle of success of the Yorkshire administration.  The thing that the Yorkshire administration will strive for.

It is essential that we define our vision for Yorkshire in the very earliest possible stages of the convention, as all else in the constitution will stem from achieving that vision.  It defines our purpose as a County.

We want to avoid the zig-zag politics of Westminster as much as we can, which so often results in unnecessary waste. This will be helped by including a statement within the vision concerning the rights and responsibility of citizens, Yorkshire’s economic values and purpose, boosting and sustaining Yorkshire’s ecological systems. Each of these are interlinked and as such provide the picture of a better and dare, we say it, more prosperous Yorkshire.

It is the intention that this vision will be written into the constitution and as such will remain the same whoever is elected to Yorkshire’s Executive.

The personalities may change but the vision and positive overall direction will stay the same.  

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