About Us

The Democratic Yorkshire Alliance is a new organisation, started in January 2022. 

The Alliance has already made an impact on the debate about Yorkshire's democratic future with several online activities and meetings attended under our belt and more in the planning stage.

The Alliance is free from any political affiliation, preferring to lead and influence the debate on Yorkshire's democratic future, by thinking outside the box, instead of simply conforming to the old left/right arguments like sheep, but don't be mistaken, we don't see ourselves as middle of the road either, far from it, more like radical progressives!

Democratic Yorkshire is a member of the Citizens Network and the successor to the Campaign for a Yorkshire Parliament and Transforming Yorkshire.   

Friends of Democratic Yorkshire: 

The Alliance consists of a team of dedicated individuals and organisations willing to help Democratic Yorkshire grow over time by bringing their expertise or practical skills to the table.

Friends who all share in the same vision of a brighter future for Yorkshire’s children.  

There are two ways in which you can become a Friend of Democratic Yorkshire, at this early stage the most common route is by invitation, but please don’t let this deter you, anyone who feels that they have something positive to contribute and the time to offer is welcome.  Simply email us at admin@democraticyorkshire.org with your details, and we will get back to you. 

As a Friend of Democratic Yorkshire, you will play a full part in helping to guide the future direction of the Alliance, to be involved in decision making, and to help inspire and empower the wider community. 

There is no subscription fee, but if you can afford to support what we do financially, that will be very much appreciated, the amount and frequency in which you decide to give is entirely up to you.  

Governing Document:

The Alliance's statue was adopted at a special meeting on Friday 29 April 2022. It not only contains the rules for managing the organisation but information about what inspired its formation.  

PDF – 140.8 KB

Contact details: 

You can contact us via our email address:  admin@democraticyorkshire.org or our Facebook page. Work is still ongoing in developing other social media outlets, but should be available shortly.