Democratic Yorkshire  

Democratic Yorkshire stands up for Yorkshire, the whole of Yorkshire and for the greater good of its citizens. The short video below explains a little more about us and about what we want to achieve !

We exist because we want a better future for our county, young people, children, and future generations than is possible under our current governmental framework.

It is not only the colour of government that necessarily needs to change but the system by which we are governed - it is changing the latter which Democratic Yorkshire is all about. 

The alliance is in the process of initiating a Citizen-led Constitutional Convention to come up with a new, innovative democratic structure for the county.

A democratic structure that gives individuals, communities, and businesses the right of input into decisions affecting the county’s affairs. One intended to deliver a fairer society and care better for our small area of planet earth.

We have started by setting out a broad constitutional framework, this is only a skeleton for now, with more questions than answers.  More flesh will be added gradually over the coming months ready for a full set of recommendations to be published by Yorkshire Day 2024 at the latest.